Welcome to Wolves of the Crescent City!

WotCS is a game of Werewolf: The Apocalypse utilizing the 20th Anniversary Edition rules. The game is set primarily in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Our chronicle begins in 2014, in a world where The Apocalypse has not yet erupted across the realms of creation. However, despite the lack of overt destruction, corruption has seeped into all aspects of Triat. The Weaver is strong, strong enough that it resists the destructive forces of the Wyrm even as it strives to continue twisting creation into its own desired forms. The Wyld, too, is stronger – though the Garou and Humanity aren’t necessarily better for it. The Wyld is a fierce antagonistic, like a wild animal being cornered. It lashes out against the Wyrm and Weaver alike, unraveling form and sanity. The world suffers as these cosmic contagions infiltrate every corner of the globe, but there is still time to prepare for the End, or maybe even to avert the total corruption of Gaia.

werewolf_by_teyoliia.jpg This site will serve as a hub for information concerning the chronicle and communication between everyone playing. I’m working on filling out the wiki so that everyone can have a better sense of what they are dealing with. I will also be posting links to various resources down below. I encourage players to use the forums, the adventure log and the “characters” feature. If more than a couple people are up for it, I would like to run some roleplaying in the forums as well. Lastly, watch the calender for upcoming sessions.

Outside Resources

MrGone’s Character Sheets : the character sheets I use
Complete List of Gifts :All the gifts in the game in one place!
Drive Thru RPG :The White Wolf store for pdfs and print-on-demand purchases

W20: Wolves of the Crescent City

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