The Tribes


The Tribes of the Crescent City
The tribes of The Nation are still similar to those that you know, but recent events have shaped their current trajectory and have led to sometimes drastic changes. Summarized below are each of the remaining tribes as they stand in the world at large, and how they relate to New Orleans and the surrounding south.

Bone Gnawers
Though the Bone Gnawers came to New Orleans after the Shadow Lords, they perhaps know the city the best. They watched the city grow, saw the kindred feed on the bloated population, smelled out the clandestine alliance between the leeches and the Shadow lords, and were on the front lines as Katrina decimated the den of corruption it has become. All the while, no one but the Uktena ever listened to them. They rightfully feel that they have given the city more of their sweat and blood than any other tribe. Now that the Shadow Lords have lost most of their influence, the Bone Gnawers claim the best contacts and connections in the area. Though they are glad to finally have a voice in the sept, some of them are resentful that the new council is reporting to Silver Fang representatives. The Nation may be united under King Albrecht, but that doesn’t mean that old grudges have been left aside. They aren’t about to be used and then discarded again by the more “noble” tribes.

Shadow Lords
The Shadow Lord presence in New Orleans dates back to 1769, when Spain sent troops to the colony to retake it. The Spanish Shadow Lords saw an opportunity to gain a foothold in the city after the other tribes in America had failed to do so. Since then they have worked to increase their influence in the region, even willing to make peace with the vampire Prince Doran in order to keep that power. The Shadow Lords tried for over a hundred years to infiltrate his spy network in order to learn more about the leeches and their dark powers, but repeatedly failed. Their attempts to exploit the caerns of Louisiana also failed. All the most accessible ones were still held by other European garou, and as for the few sealed cearns they found, the Shadow Lords could not contend with the powerful banes that dwelled under them. In short, their reign in New Orleans has been an abject failure. Keeping the Bone Gnawers in the dark for so long has been their only success. The other tribes barely tolerate the fact that their elder is part of the new council of the sept, but they still have a few cards up their sleeve.

Louisiana was Croatan land before it came under Uktena stewardship. After the Croatan were lost forever, Older Brother swept down into the area, quickly establishing camps at the caerns they could tend while sealing and hiding the others. They had barely a century in the land before the French came to claim the land in the 1690s, and not even another century still until European garou followed their Cajun kinfolk to the territory. After the initial fighting, the Uktena have spent most of that time living in hiding, keeping many of the strongest caerns secret and dealing with the wyrm creatures bound deep in the southern lands. They slowly began to make contact with some of the influential members of the growing Voodoo communities, using that influence to further their goals and mixing into their people. Their next step was to whisper in the ears of the Bone Gnawers, tipping the disgruntled garou off to the dealing between the Shadow Lords and the kindred. Then, they simply waited. Now they are in a position of respect, having helped to expose the Shadow Lords’ failings and sitting on a mountain of secrets pertaining to the land and its people. Some are angry that they have not yet told the council all they know about the situation, but anyone wise knows that is not their way.

Children of Gaia
The Children of Gaia didn’t have a significant presence in Louisiana until the mid-90’s when they came to assist rural septs with increasing problems. They stayed out of the city not because of lack of interest, but because of the hostility the Shadow Lords showed to them. It wasn’t until after Hurricane Katrina that they could no longer be kept out. Children of Gaia flocked to the city and surrounding areas to help with relief and rebuilding efforts, aided by a small army of kinfolk activists. As more wyrm-creatures burst into the light of day like a stirred-up hornet nest, the CoGs also demonstrated just how sharp their teeth and claws were. Because of this quick and strong surge, the Children of Gaia are now one of the mots influential tribes in the city. They have the most garou in the sept, and they are the only tribe to have two ranking elders among their numbers, including one who is on the Crescent City Council. They are still more focused on rebuilding the city and healing the damage that was done than any other garou, but they will not let the others forget that they will fight just as hard.

The Fianna came to Louisiana in the wake of the migration of the Cajun people from Nova Scotia after 1755. More followed as news of the powerful caerns there spread, but they never ventured into New Orleans. After fighting with the local Uktena, a handful stayed in the state, sticking to the more rural areas. Those Fianna shared caerns with Get of Fenris, often establishing septs in the swamps and bayous. Over the years, these septs have been viewed as uncultured, crude, and uneducated – much of which is true. After Katrina, some of them turned their attention to the city, mainly attracted by the banes and fomor that needed to be destroyed. Others from the surrounding South came to share in the glory. Though they actively dislike the Shadow Lords, the Bone Gnawers, and the Uktena, they respect Silver Fang rule and have stayed to help clean up. The Fianna refuse to be shown up by anyone, especially the all-too-loved Children of Gaia, who in their opinion are being praised for taking on all the “easy” tasks in the area.

Get of Fenris
Like the Fianna, several Get of Fenris followed their kinfolk south to Louisianna. They were, without a doubt, the most aggressive towards the native Uktena who they saw as wyrm-tainted and treacherous. That sentiment has not waned over the years. In fact, after learning that the Uktena had been hiding for centuries, keeping many caerns secret, they do not think them to be any more trustworthy than the shamed Shadow Lords. Most of them lack the eloquence to express this point without resorting to fang and claw, and they allow their Fianna allies to do most of the talking in the new council – an establishment that they believe is already an exercise in weakness.

Silver Fangs
The few Silver Fangs who originally came down to the territory with the Fianna and Get of Fenris promptly left after taking the land from the Uktena – the conditions of rural Louisiana were not nearly civilized enough for them. They left the other two tribes in charge of several caerns, and didn’t meddle any further after the establishment of New Orleans and the arrival of the Shadow Lords and Bone Gnawers. In modern time, the tribe suffered widespread loss of respect and a decline in influence. The rise of King Albrecht in 2002 has changed things dramatically. Albrecht’s rule in the U.S. is respected by almost all the other tribes, even those who still do not hold much love for the Silver Fangs. When he heard of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and learned of the widespread corruption, Albrecht send one of his advisers to oversee the establishment of a new Crescent City Council to investigate the situation and work to cleanse the city. Despite this, there are only a couple Silver Fangs at the sept.

Glass Walkers
Generally, Glass Walkers stay out of New Orleans. They have had no desire to compete with the Shadow Lords for control of the city, and would rather stick to Baton Rouge where they have established a strong influence. Glass Walkers who do spend any length of time in the city tend to associate with Bone Gnawers.

Black Furies
Black Furies do not have a good opinion of the city or the Sept.

Red Talons


Silent Striders


The Tribes

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