The Apocalypse

From the white wolf wiki page:

The Apocalypse is the final battle of Garou mythology, an inevitable catastrophe in which the fate of Gaia will be decided.

Ages ago, when the Triat lost balance and the Weaver and Wyrm went mad, the path to the Apocalypse was laid down. As the Triat fell further out of balance and fought among themselves, Gaia inevitably suffered as well. The Wyld has grown weak; the Wyrm and Weaver are, in the modern day, of immense power. The conflict has been ongoing, but in the tales and beliefs of the Garou, they will ultimately lead up to one great battle.

The Apocalypse, then, is often described as unavoidable. Many feel that maybe there were times in the past when actions could have been taken to avert it, but the assumption among many Garou of the late 20th century and early 21st century is that the Apocalypse is near and cannot be stopped. Some others still hold on to hope, that the battle can be averted somehow. The question both ask, however, is whether or not the Apocalypse (should it come to pass) can be won for Gaia.

Possible scenarios for the Apocalypse appeared in the sourcebook Apocalypse as part of the Time of Judgment series that effectively ended the Classic World of Darkness.

The Apocalypse

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