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The Night is Alive
You can sense it all around you. The stagnant air of the city is like hot, rank breath on the back of your neck. The buzz of neon fills the space between your ears, droning out the ever-present music drifting around street corners. It’s there, in the smell of the food, the booze, the refuse, the sweat of thousands of bodies. People live and work and die here every day in obscurity. Others drift in and out as they come to play, oblivious to the history written on every block, only seeking entertainment in the cover of dusk. How many can feel it? They hear the ghost stories, the night terrors, the legends and myths of The City that Care Forgot. Most pay no heed, but the dark takes its toll on the careless all the same. During what could very well be the last days of Gaia, the nights grow longer, corruption coiling around the heart of the city, ready to sink its fangs into the innocent.

The Crescent City
New Orleans has a history drenched in death. From the time the first French settlers claimed it, the land itself has waged war on those who would call it home with disease and natural disasters. Bloody conflicts and gross injustices have left their mark in the land and air itself. Yes, it has its good moments as well. Diversity, culture, beauty… but make no mistake, The Crescent City has always been a place of corruption. Sin and excess have created a haven for dark beings. Vampires flourish, and why would they not? The Kindred practically own the city, having their hands in all of its affairs and herding both locals and tourists. Wraiths haunt cemeteries, dark alleys, and grand estates alike. Even an awakened hoodoo mage is an enemy to behold for any who cross their path. You know a secret. You know that there are things darker yet growing in the shadows.
Coils of the Hydra

The Wyrm’s power grows with each passing moment, feeding on the corruption of mortal souls. The city is sick with the Defiler’s taint, and even the Kindred are blind to the banes that seed the populace with Fomori. Cultists of the 7th Generation conduct sickening rituals to bring their master closer to the realm. In retaliation, the Wyld lashed out by battering the city with one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history: Hurricane Katrina.

Shame of the Nation
The hurricane didn’t do much to cleanse the city of the Wyrm. If anything, the death, destruction, and chaos that followed allowed for various evils to grow bolder. However, the storm revealed much that had been hidden. As Vampires and Wyrm-servants hunted to excess in the midst of the disarray, it attracted the attention of a growing influx of Garou. Previous to this, Garou presence in the city was limited to overwhelmed Bone Gnawers who’s accounts of the city were all but ignored, and suspicious Shadow Lords who were far too eager to keep company with leeches. In the aftermath of the storm, Children of Gaia came to help with relief efforts, and as they began to clash with Fomori, Fianna and a few Get of Fenris from the surrounding south were drawn in as well. The few Uktena who had stayed hidden for decades revealed themselves to call out the Shadow Lords for failing in their duty to Gaia, and soon a new order of Garou began to be established to investigate the depth of the city’s Wyrm-corruption. This diverse council took over leadership of the Crescent City Sept, but the accused Shadow Lords warn that their brash actions may bring an all-out war with the Kindred who call this city theirs.


Old Things Awaken
The hurricane had a deeper impact on the spiritual landscape as well. What began as a strange spike in energy in a spot along the coast soon blossomed into an intense nexus of Gaia’s power. A long-dormant caern had been awakened by the huge influx of Wyld energy the storm had brought. The caern’s resident totem? Nothing less than Alligator, a powerful spirit of the Mokole. Chaos threatens the newly established sept as they argue over how to handle the situation. Clearly they cannot allow the caern to be taken by servants of the Wyrm, but Alligator is far from trusting of the Garou and is unpredictable as he reorients himself in a drastically changed world. Meanwhile, other things are awakening in the Louisiana bayous…

This is the World of Darkness
The New Orleans you know does not exist, though you may recognize shadows of it. In this world, everything is more drastic. The city is much larger, the excesses and insufficiencies are greater, and the history is even bloodier. There is more Bourbon Street, more French Quarter, more Ninth Ward, the Central Business District reaches taller, and the port sees even more cargo. It is the New Orleans of our dreams, haunted by our nightmares. Enjoy your stay.

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