Aiden O'Connor


Aiden is a tall and slim young man with blue eyes light skin. He is clearly in good shape though he is not overly muscular. He has worn glasses for his entire life, though he no longer needs them since his first change has heightened his senses. He continues to wear them so that people may underestimate him. He typically wears nicer clothes to blend into upper middle class society, but when he’s on sept business he prefers to dress plainer. He wears a long coat and high boots, knives concealed in each so that he is always prepared for a fight mundane or otherwise. In Lupus he has a full coat of brownish red.


As the years passed Aidens parents assumed that he was not destined to be Garou. After all, of their 5 children 2 were already Garou. The chances of Gaia blessing them with yet another Garou child was slim, so when he turned 18 he went off to college. Much of his tribe had moved to New Orleans following the hurricane, so he went to the University of New Orleans to study political science and pre-law. It was there he met his roommate, Keith. He was kinfolk too, of the Children of Gaia, and it was that that they first bonded over.
Two years into his college career his childhood bestfriend (Trisha) came to visit. During that week he and Keith stuck to separate beds and were roommates again, for he knew that (trisha) would never approve, and more importantly didn’t want that getting back to his family. During his visit he received a phonecall from his parents. His eldest brother Nolan had been killed, murdered by a pack of black spiral dancers that he had been investigating. He found himself filled with a rage like he had never felt before. With a howl of pain he shifted to Crinos for the first time. The second person to find him in his current state was (Trisha), who was able to help him come back to homid before he could do any more harm, but the first to find him was Keith.

Aiden O'Connor

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